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  1. @Amigo-A....Ok...Please help me as regards how i can take it off my hosts file..Thanks
  2. here...its a new ID... ID inside ransome note-- ID: upOacGl1yOz9XbrhjX9UR2M0j8i03YwVB0pXr1t1 ID detected by decryptor--ID: MMSFFsw52SZ3rPnHDpabInv00XrWHFVQyupJy9hC MAC: 74:DA:38:E3:83:16
  3. Hi GT500....i think this is a new keeps popping up amongst some of my skipped files..[*] ID: MMSFFsw52SZ3rPnHDpabInv00XrWHFVQyupJy9hC.... i'll upload the stopdecrypter log file soon
  4. hi GT500.... thanks for the other time...but the STOPDecryptor cant decrypt some files... its giving me message like it could not generate the key for its ID which is ( ÍD: upOacGl1yOz9XbrhjX9UR2M0j8i03YwVB0pXr1t1 )... any suggestion...can i brute force it or not...
  5. Gt500 thanks for your swift reply...i have tried it and it does work thanks...cheers...i really appreciate what you guys are doing...thanks a lot... You just saved my life...😊
  6. Pls..i have also been affected by the .kroput ransomeware and all efforts to decrypt the files i have has been futile..but i have downloaded malwarebyte and used it to scan the system but i don't think the system is clean yet..but will be glad if i can get any suggestion from you...and yes please i will love it if you can you can assist me with the decrypting of this files... Please find attached the corrupt files sample hen 3d.rar.kroput _readme.txt