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  1. I have a D-Link NAS networked storage device that I stupidly put in the DMZ of my router so that I could access my files from anywhere using the password-protected web interface. It seems that there was some vulnerability in the software. Many of us with the same device have been compromised by the Cr1pt0r ransomware. It encrypted every single file individually. It didn't change the file extensions, but encrypted the files and appended some signature data at the end of each file. They want Bitcoin to (supposedly) decrypt. Is there any possibility of decrypting this without paying the ransom? I have included the ransom instructions and an encrypted file. Unfortunately, since I grabbed a few things quickly and shut it down, I didn't think to grab a file for which I would have an un-encrypted reference. And I'm too worried to turn it back on in case it didn't finish and will continue encrypting my files once power is enabled. Lots of info here: Below I have (hopefully) included the ransom note and an example encrypted file. Steam Mop.xlsx _FILES_ENCRYPTED_README.txt