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  1. Hi, thanks. I'll give it a try.
  2. Hi Arthus, thanks for your answer. I noticed that the a2service.exe needed to be shut down manually. But even after this the write to the registry is still blocked. And it is happening only with this specific installer. How can I check if Windows Defender is blocking it ? Regards
  3. Hi, Protection Status -> Disable All. In the meantime I uploaded the installer to VirusTotal and it passed all checks. Now I've shutdown EAM completely but the problem still remains. So I think it is not EAM related. I'm using WIN10 64bit. Any suggestions what to look for ? Thanks
  4. Hi, running again the installer for one of my programs which worked flawlessly two month ago wiht EAM installed now if fails because the registration of the entry in the unistall section of the registry is blocked. I tried running the program with admin privileges but during installation the installer runs another process which EAM detect as suspicious and asks me the consent to let it run. I tried to add the installer to the exclusion list but again failed. I also tried to disable temporarily the protection to no avail. What can I do ? Attached is the messagebox with the error from the installer. Regards