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  1. Here it is. from the notepad sir. Connection Name Network Adapter Physical Address Transport Name =============== =============== =================== ========================================================== Ethernet Realtek PCIe GB 30-9C-23-0D-68-F7 \Device\Tcpip_{1D4A9C9D-AD18-45DE-9A68-40F3D31B26E5} Thanks.
  2. Yes I run the Get MAC address you sent me. It just opens then closes after.
  3. I just reformatted my computer. Here it is, I tried it again. Here it is MAC: 30:9C:23:0D:68:F7 my ID is 429OJXo8eV4ZIVr46lS1dPYqAvAG5iV9l4X41mdg Get_MAC_Addresses.7z Thanks a lot.
  4. Here it is MAC: 30:9C:23:0D:68:F7 Thanks
  5. Hi GT500, Hope you could help me my ID is 429OJXo8eV4ZIVr46lS1dPYqAvAG5iV9l4X41mdg Thanks a lot..
  6. Hi GT500, Here is my sample infected file by djvur. Thanks.