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  1. sorry buddy I was confused here is the link to download my ransom note https://www.sendspace.com/file/1j1p9a
  2. hi. ow ok. sorry I forgot to attach the ransom note here it is ; HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT
  3. hi Amigo TNX for answering I did as you told me to do and this is the Download link to my uploaded file on (sendspace.com) in blow: https://www.sendspace.com/file/fqezzc I also attached the same uploaded file which is a picture right here 1.jpg.CRABSLKT
  4. hi. thank you for answering first of all. I was not sure what was happening to my PC , and I thought that it has something whit my unactivated windows, so I just restarted my PC and changed the windows. right now I just did what you recommended me and uploaded my ransom note and one of the encrypted files in (id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com) and this are the replies to those actions: Scarab This ransomware may be decryptable under certain circumstances Hermes 2.1 This ransomware has no known way of decrypting data at this time.
  5. hi everyone my system was attacked by some encrypting ransomware and all of my files are encrypted right now and I don't have any access to them . yesterday I format my C drive and installed a new windows (8.1) again. my C drive is ok right now and non of the new files that I have downloaded in past 2 days didn't got encrypted anymore. and I can download things and install any softwares I download. BUT yet I don't know what to do for my encrypted files. all of the files in all of my drives now have (.CRABSLKT) extension in their end. The top note of ransom text is like this
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