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  1. It works like a charm. Used on thousands of file with success, it has been a real relief! If problem in finding the key in the !decrypt_instruction.txt file, ask some help here, one can create a specific file for you
  2. @Albert-S I can't find strange .exe files on My Synology NAS which where affected by .NamPoHyu virus Can you give some filenames or directories which I can search for with more accuracy? Thanks for your feedback about the Synology recovering possibility, what a pity...
  3. Yes, I suffered exactly the same type of attack at the same date... Here is an interesting article about this nampohyu virus: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/nampohyu-virus-ransomware-targets-remote-samba-servers/ I don't know if virus can spread itself? Or if it is a distant attack using an accessible door on the NAS, without letting virus on the NAS? Does someone have an answer to this question?
  4. Hello, Here are some example files Let me know if you need something more.
  5. Hello, I have been attacked by the same virus than Albert-S . Nampohyu on a Synology NAS. It has affected only files accessible through Cloud Station, a proprietary cloud system. And because it has been done when I was away from home but with my computer powered on, all replicas of the files on the PC are infected too! @Amigo-AI can send you a example file infected, if needed. For the moment, I didn't touch at the files, I've powered down the NAS and saved all the files, even those infected. Is there a chance to have a decryptor for this virus variant? Thanks for your help Philippe
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