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  1. Kevin, that's good to know however, I have just done a malware scan and it shows the first 8 problems I mentioned at the start of this conversation. I attach same for your perusal. I am still unable to update Emsisoft. Also I am unable to activate windows 10. I believe that something is stopping both of these actions. I realise this is a holiday period so I do not expect a reply until after the Easter break. Thank you Phil scan_190419-081430.txt
  2. Kevin, I have purchased a new copy from PC World which came as a USB stick with a seperate license key printed on card. I do not understand what an activation bypass is. I have tried installing from the usb stick and I have also tried inserting the new key into the 'activate windows' bit in settings. Both result in fail.
  3. A few days ago I saw 2 black boxes flash up on my screen on startup. They where visable for less than a second. I tried to open Emsisoft to do a virus check but it would not open. I then downloaded and ran EEK and it found about 8 malware items that it could not clean and I was directed to support. Having read all your instructions, I realised that I needed to get an official copy of Windows 10 which I did. I cannot install this copy or use the key to licence the copy I have been using. When I run Emsisoft it finds no virus and all the logs are empty. Kind regards Phil
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