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  1. For me, there is no .exe files for this virus. It's an intrusion from a remote script executed by the hackers. Samba server or FTP vulnerability via the Guest user in Synology.
  2. Hi, It is a plague. All my personal photos, my data were encrypted by NamPoHyu ransomware on my NAS synology. All the best moments of my loved ones are gone The action was probably carried out by a remote attack (FTP, samba?). Only the shared disks were touched on the NAS. Not the PCs of the network. On the login system log file of the NAS, I saw the external connections for the 2 days of ransomware activities (all my encrypted file's date are 2019-04-13 and 2019-04-14). Nothing since. https://www.sendspace.com/file/eoyg0u
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