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  1. Hi, My system got infected but this time I see that the ransomware guy forgot to remove all his exe, bat files and all those files are there which were used to encrypt the data. Is there a way to get the decryption key from that tool. Please let me know and I can provide those files to someone. I am sure that since his exe was not able to close on its own I think the encryption keys might still be sitting on the system. There is an application zam.exe but its asking for a password. Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Hi, My files have been encrypted with charm ransomware at least what it says on the file extension. And the recovery note has a use key in it. Is there a possibility to decrypt the file using that key. Can someone please take a look at the attachments? HOW_TO_RETURN_FILES.txt[[email protected]].bgtx.charm
  3. Guys. I got 1 file decrypted by the ransomware guy. Is it possible somehow to get the private key from the decrypted file.
  4. You are right my friend but I wish one of the mod of this website might read this post and might suggest something.
  5. Well I need to get in touch with someone like this who can decrypt it for less money. Or perhaps give me a decryptor. I ever tried the dharma decryptor but it didn't worked.
  6. Is there a decryption available for this? If so please provide me with the details.
  7. Hi, All of my files have been encrypted by the gate ransomware. and have been renamed to[[email protected]].gate. Please advise.