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  1. Ok Amigo-A roger that , thanks I really hope so , thats gonna save my life , i will try to contact Demonslay335 too i hope he isn't busy i have attached the file , please check it UPDATE : hey i have figured that i have downloaded the infected app from my mobile hotspot my mobile WIFI MAC address is 64:A3:CB:56:1F:F7 would that help ? MAC_Addresses.txt
  2. IMG_20131222_025146.jpg.verasto IMG_20140130_083050.jpg.hrosas 1.vcf.verasto 2.vcf.hrosas _readme.txt
  3. *My topic was deleted due to database corruption* here is a repost i have downloaded application that hacked my pc and effected all the files on it , the files are so important to me is there is any way to recover it please i don't have a restore point though STOPDecrypter-log.txt No key for ID: djDiPvX8ToOOfCxFpcDgiqBOPoynVE0KTLZAAJH2 (.hrosas ) No key for ID: ew6T2U0TjoPxUd7IDWtHv376ibb45SvHiOiHVrhs (.verasto ) Unidentified ID: djDiPvX8ToOOfCxFpcDgiqBOPoynVE0KTLZAAJH2 (.hrosas ) Unidentified ID: ew6T2U0TjoPxUd7IDWtHv376ibb45SvHiOiHVrhs (.verasto )
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