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  1. As I told you before Demonslay335 contacted me and asked for my personal ID which found it in the _readme.txt created by ransomware and also asked for my MAC ADDRESS I sent him what he wants and after sometime he sent me back the decryption password I used it in his software called STOPDecrypter that's all.
  2. No I found a massage in my inbox from him Be patient and all will be well
  3. Don't worry my friend I have just decrypt my .kiratos with the help of Demonslay335 himself he contacted me and helped me and my PC is now clean Hope he contact you soon.
  4. Thanks everyone who helped me in my problem,but a special thanks to the hero Demonslay335 the one who helped me to end that nightmare. Thanks Demonslay335 i hope that I can help you some day.
  5. Hi my friend. Demonslay335 helped me and all .kiratos encrypted files now decrypted Thanks for Demonslay335 Sure he will help you.
  6. Please, do you have any tool for decrypting of .kiratos encrypted files? i got this result from ID Ransomware ID Ransomware result thanks.
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