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  1. i just gave. Im just in bad condition bro coz of this problem. please help me with this
  2. okay okay i got it.....that was my id in last is in ramsome note
  3. where will i find the id ? Did u get that MAC address or i have to go to that command prompt and give u mac address from there?
  4. okay okay i got it ...please wait going to use that command prompt option
  5. i used the posted stopdecrypter app and there was a option get mac address i got these [*] MAC: 70:1C:E7:9D:3A:8C [*] MAC: C8:5B:76:C3:95:5A [*] MAC: 70:1C:E7:9D:3A:8D [*] MAC: 72:1C:E7:9D:3A:8C
  6. Thank you so much for replying, im not a mac user. I'm running windows 10. Please help me with this.
  7. Respected sir/madam, I'm in immediate need of help. My computer has been attack by a ransomware and all of my filled have been encrypted to .kiratos format . The hacker is charging huge money and i don't know how to tackle this. I'm searching for serious help , please help me get this ransomware out of my laptop and decrypt my files. Im attacking the notepad file created in every folfer of my laptop and the ransomeware format of my files. Please help me as soon as possible. Please. _readme.txt