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  1. Yes Sir, Thanks for your kindness.. Hopefully I find a way out from this problem soon. Best Regard, Gurit Hamboro
  2. really need your help, here is my MAC addresses.. Thanks A Lot STOPDecrypter-log.txt MAC_Addresses.txt
  3. Thanks for your reply, here they are. included STOPDecrypter logfiles STOPDecrypter-log.txt MAC_Addresses.txt 573_MAJU.pdf.kiratos _readme.txt
  4. HI Guys, Using your latest STOPRansomware , need help with these : Unidentified ID: hSGZAhPjkQfF7stvJC3swWpUKWH7UtDnqpZp94ko (.jpg ) Unidentified ID: hSGZAhPjkQfF7stvJC3swWpUKWH7UtDnqpZp94ko (.kiratos ) MAC: FA:28:19:EF:5D:89 any help will be highly appreciated Thanks.. ps: sorry for my bad english