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  1. Well noted and many thanks! for your information.
  2. Noted with Thank you very much for nice support and help!
  3. Your personal ID:072Asdju732sdfAdhZjqPRPyO34YFCjA18Kj9IsdseMEnOJrWNhuoEez4 MAC_Addresses.txt
  4. Your personal ID: 072Asdju732sdfAdhZjqPRPyO34YFCjA18Kj9IsdseMEnOJrWNhuoEez4 MAC_Addresses.txt
  5. Dear Amigo-A, Thank you very much for your description and help reply, we waiting from Demonslay335 contact us for help! How? Best Regards, Bopit
  6. Help me please! need help for kiratos too.. here my mac and personal id MAC: 28:F1:0E:4B:9A:3C personal ID: 072Asdju732sdfAdhZjqPRPyO34YFCjA18Kj9IsdseMEnOJrWNhuoEez4
  7. Dear All Expert, We has been problems about all of our data files changed to .kiratos files and cannot to open such as documents, picture and etc. please help me to solve this problems we can do? please advice us as well. for this subject. the hacker let me pay for change with decrypt software and unique private key. Help me please!!!! We also attached read me file from hacker and file example problems in attached. Best Regards, Bopit 760seriesvalves.pdf.kiratos my signature.png.kiratos _readme.txt
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