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    My footprint


    Ethernet        Realtek PCIe FE 74-E6-E2-30-D1-B7   Media disconnected                                       
    Wi-Fi           Broadcom 802.11 10-08-B1-CC-67-5D   \Device\Tcpip_{6D930E6D-D860-403B-8393-6A40BA134970}     
    Bluetooth Netwo Bluetooth Devic 10-08-B1-CC-67-5E   Media disconnected                                       


  2. Sir, I need help I want to decrypt my file encrypted by .kiratos. I already given my mac address

  3. Your personal ID: 072Asdju732sdfAdhUyCBgR2bSAFgQT7cjOsFvUZDYWMq9FtfG3RNrV8x MAC_Addresses.txt
  4. Connection Name Network Adapter Physical Address Transport Name =============== =============== =================== ========================================================== Ethernet Realtek PCIe FE 74-E6-E2-30-D1-B7 Media disconnected Wi-Fi Broadcom 802.11 10-08-B1-CC-67-5D \Device\Tcpip_{6D930E6D-D860-403B-8393-6A40BA134970} Bluetooth Netwo Bluetooth Devic 10-08-B1-CC-67-5E Media disconnected