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  1. STOPDecrypter is unable to decrypt the files. Please find below the required information: ID: e4Z7Ued2uSyQfbA7vS8VKtF2dGKGH8qEQ4E1Uht1 (.kiratos ) [*] ID: e4Z7Ued2uSyQfbA7vS8VKtF2dGKGH8qEQ4E1Uht1 (.pdf ) [*] MAC: 5E:93:A2:E9:0C:C5 [*] MAC: 00:FF:72:52:C9:D4 [*] MAC: 5C:93:A2:E9:0C:C6 [*] MAC: 1E:93:A2:E9:0C:C5 [*] MAC: 5C:93:A2:E9:0C:C5 [*] MAC: 00:FF:CE:51:A2:42 [*] MAC: 68:F7:28:25:EE:63 [*] MAC: 00:50:56:C0:00:01 [*] MAC: 00:50:56:C0:00:08
  2. here the files demande depot essais_.docxdemande depot essais.docx.kiratos _readme.txt
  3. My files are encrypted by kiratos. I used Stop decrypter but it did not work. I can provide an original file and encrypted one. It is quite important. I need this files to submit my thesis