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  1. Thank you for your valuable time to help us find a solution. Below is the details i got from the STOPDecrypter. [!] No keys were found for the following IDs: [*] ID: jpEPrhj17Fc672R4bJVd8ZGLPdg5Pec79XmYdzlD (.kiratos ) [*] ID: e4Z7Ued2uSyQfbA7vS8VKtF2dGKGH8qEQ4E1Uht1 (.kiratos ) Please archive these IDs and the following MAC addresses in case of future decryption: [*] MAC: 18:03:73:85:45:13 [*] MAC: AC:72:89:88:3B:14 [*] MAC: AC:72:89:88:3B:18
  2. TWO days ago I got my Laptop installing its self a software and opening Ad pages. It kept on installing and doing the same. At the time I did not know what was going on. I never open emails unknown to me, however it started after I disabled the Antivirus as i was about to change the Antivirus software. It did not affect any files on my WIndows drive. However It has infected all the files in my second driver (Attached Picture). I have loads of pictures in this driver and these are very important memories. Please help me find a solution.