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  1. Thank you very much, hope somethin comes up good
  2. Please do something on this too, been infected for a day (24hr) now [*] ID: iDTPiIfFH7z5EvcxAQs0rM515oi94OHleMpl260F [*] MAC: 58:8A:5A:03:8B:C0 [*] MAC: BC:A8:A6:80:0A:21 [*] MAC: BC:A8:A6:80:0A:20 [*] MAC: BC:A8:A6:80:0A:24
  3. I really havent encountered anything this like, but just today while i tried downloading internet download manager from , the first result , My pc got infected. The shittest thing is , every file is encrypted, so the projects are gone, everything, and im hopeless. I dont understand any of these. so please anyone, help me fix this. Below is the read me file and one of my infected file. Please anyone, help me here _readme.txt RESUME.pdf.kiratos