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  1. The virus was from Process Hacker 2 It was located on Start Menu/Programs
  2. Hello Thank you for your support. Yes is the second time , because again forget rdp port open but the symantec antivirus enterprise was installed and does not work correctly because i get again the ransomware Anyway i have some important documents so any solution to decrypt these ransomware from anyone will help me a lot The infected file was 1ssas.exe Hacker Tools as i remember because directly i installed Malwarebyte and the virus is removed I will attach a .acure file Thanks databasedc_check2019-04-05_05-50-52PM.log.id[445AE4DC-1096].[[email protected]].acute
  3. Hello Does anyone on forum find a solution for .acute ransomware ? I got all the files encrypted Thank you
  4. Ok, please if any of members find a solution , post it here. I wi keep all my encryptet files if in the futee anyone need to test Thanks
  5. Hello and thank you for your reply Below is a screenshoot from https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ For readme file i have only one file called : FILES ENCRYPTED.txt and inside the file is all your data has been locked us You want return ? write email [email protected] The link below have 3 encrypted file https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/ycBF19qI8SZocJkdNdsSoe7rBtZK3%2FHR Thanks Attached are 2 files
  6. Hello 2 days before all my files are encrypted with a .gate ransomware Anybody has any idea how to decrypt ? Regards
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