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  1. Bom dia, já temos alguma solução para descriptografia dos dados em NamPoHyu?
  2. When can we have a new version to decrypt the NamPoHyu megalocker? I'm waiting this moment thanks
  3. I have a Seagate Personal Cloud NAS, and my files was encrypted. I need some help to decrypt my personal files. Please help me. !DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.TXT OFTALMO- ASA SUL.pdf.nampohyu ORTOPEDISTA - ASA SUL.pdf.nampohyu PSCICOLOGIA - ASA SUL.pdf.nampohyu
  4. I have a NAS from Seagate Personal Cloud andi was infected by the ramsonware .NamPoHyu and i cant decrypt with this Decryptor for MegaLocker https://www.emsisoft.com/decrypter/megalocker. I think i was infected on April, 28th. Please, i need to decrypt my personal pics and personal documents.
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