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  1. Sound as very good work people of Emsisoft! My WD cloud mirror (gen 1), was attacked on the 10th of April, and files were encrypted into files with the '.nampohyu' extension. But unfortunately the application is not able to decrypt my files. Two things I noticed: In my ransom note, the money you need to pay is not 1000$ but 250$, as given in the example on: (For an example, I enclosed my ransom note, I was not able to upload an example file (error -200) if necessary I can share a file with you in a different way) When I run the application, found on your website, and it starts reading the ransom note, it instantaneously response with “Key Not Found – Unfortunately, we were unable to find a key to decrypt your files”. Could it be that the application was not able to reach outside (as the manual said: an internet connection is required to use the application), due to a firewall (Windows Defender) or virus scanner (AVG free) I use? For your information I first used the application on a PC without internet connection and it had the exact same (quick) response. !DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.TXT