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  1. I too am hoping for an update. I have about 2500 movies and about 10000 photos that I am hoping I can decrypt eventually. Suggestions??
  2. Me too! I have about 14TB of movies that are encrypted. (I would hate to have to rip them all again).
  3. Thank you. I will be monitoring. If anyone needs additional support or access to do additional analysis, I am happy to provide access to my server. It is Ubuntu 14.04. Regards Don
  4. I have been hit too.. My movie server.. 2800 movies and 72G of music on an Ubuntu server. I am deducing that it was via Samba.. port 445.. Here is my case: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/identify.php?case=08dd4c6463880fc2dd9acacf7e48f77a65242aa3 CH01_20180702215041.mp4.nampohyu !DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.TXT
  5. I had my entire movie server encrypted. version doesnt work. I get the cannot find the key error.. Sample files attached. !DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.TXT 08171108Step 2 Max Phase & Lean in 13 Instructions.pdf.nampohyu
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