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  1. Stapp: I thought the whole point of a bootable USB key was to NOT have to double-click on anything until you have loaded an environment outside of the infected OS. Kevin: Would I be able to run the emergency kit from something like a bootable Linux OS USB key? Or would I be restricted to Windows in Safe Mode, which is not available on standard Windows 10 installation any more and I would have to jump through hoops in order to enable it on a machine-by-machine basis? I've looked up a couple of different ways to do it, and my own machine now has Safe Mode available from F8...but this doesn't help an already-infected machine and from what I've seen, I would have to "force-boot" a machine several times in order to get the recovery console. This is all for a close friend who doesn't live near me and is not as computer-savvy as I am, but has a machine locked up via Ransomware. Any help you can give me wold be appreciated. Thanks
  2. That's all well and good, but I don't see a way to actually *make* that bootable USB drive. I just prepared an emergency kit and there is nothing on the USB key that indicates that the Emsisoft kit and interface will appear from boot. As I understand the way many of the most pernicious malware works, it will have to be totally inactive so that it cannot detect, block or hide from anything that tries to "mess with it". If the OS that it has infected is active, then it can do this and therefore escape detection and/or removal - therefore, booting from something other than Windows is the surest way to get at it, as the malware itself is not active and therefore cannot defend itself. While I might be able to run the software without installing it, there is still the chance that the malware in question will be able to thwart attempts to remove it. Or am I mistaken? I'm attaching a screenshot of the contents of the USB I created earlier today to show what I mean: no ISO, no Autorun, etc., so I don't see how it can be bootable. Deets: Win 10 Pro x64, 16 gig RAM, Core i5 proc @ 3.5 GHz Please respond ASAP. Jim