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  1. Hello community, I want to share my latest experience. I tried to extract the files with 7-Zip and it worked surprisingly ... step by step: I have a loads of infected and big data - this is only one folder to test the "7-zip" method. My open questions: 1. what did the Matrix Ransomware have done with my data? 2. are the infected data and the result data in the same folder or dispersed on the hole drive? STEP 0: Infected data with readme Step 1: 7-Zip Step 2: Overwriting Yes or No ? -> i seletcted Auto Rename Step 3: Message of 7-Zip Step 4: Result - > folder with xl and word data is created Result: folder with word Data Result folder with xl Data: End. Cheers, Tom
  2. Hello, thank you for your help. Here is the message.
  3. Files on my PC in different folders are entcrypted and infected. In every entcrypted folder is a blackmail letter. blackmail letter: #_#RAD_README#_#.rtf RAD-files: [[email protected]].5a6kYvoZ-JO895COb.RAD Thank you for your ideas and help to restore my data.
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