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  1. dear @GT500 the results still can't be encripted
  2. @Amigo-A while waiting, can I reinstall the mycomputer?
  3. ok thank you, i will still waiting, ooh Mr @GT500, I want to ask again, while waiting, can I reinstall the mycomputer??
  4. Hello Mr. @GT500 I want to ask, have you found a solution about ransomware that infects my computer? thanks before
  5. Thank you mr.. Hope It's not long..
  6. thank you mr I'm waiting for the results, I really hope for help from the masters here, hopefully the offline ID and quick key are found
  7. it is the same computer ID and MAC address
  8. Here I attach the results of export logs in FRST, thank you.. Addition_23-05-2019 13.24.30.txt FRST_23-05-2019 13.24.30.txt
  9. I also attach the following download link for example files that are encrypted by malware, key ID and mac address
  10. dear @GT500 Here I attach the results of export logs in EEK, thank you.. Forensics_190523-115240.txt logs.db3
  11. no object in quarantine (quarantine tap is empty)
  12. I don't know the source of the infection MR, By the why the contents quarantina has ben delete by the avast boots scan. Here I'm attach the log from EEK, i don't know whether this can help. sory my bad english...
  13. I have use Emsisoft Emergency Kit program, and has removed detected malware. Now I want to restore my files are decrypted by this bufas. Please.... help me Mr...
  14. Thank you very much for the response. I will still be waiting for the new version them STOPDescrypter.