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  1. 4 hours ago, GT500 said:

    The screen name he uses here is Demonslay335, and he'll more than likely contact you directly if he's able to figure out your decryption key.

    if i move my encrypted data to new hard drive and formate my whole laptop and instal new window in it then also i can decrrypt my data

  2. 19 hours ago, Amigo-A said:

    Did you read the text file that was in the archive with the STOPDecrypter? 
    Did you open the links 'Support Topic' and 'FAQ'?

    At these links is all the necessary information. 
    Your now need to copy the information from the STOPDecrypter window and paste it here or on the Support Topic. 
    Download Image

    Then Demonslay335 - the developer STOP Decrypter will see your information.

    MACs: 50:7B:9D:42:68:F0, B6:6D:83:E0:81:FC, B6:6D:83:E0:81:FD, B4:6D:83:E0:81:FC
    No key for ID: TZJSkeJ4DTCXUnXpdCiXXExPiC8ea2s5LF4UOYOZ (.norvas )

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