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  1. Amigo-A So sad...... Thanks anyway.😂
  2. Thank you for you reply. If there is any solution in the future, please let us know. tks
  3. Hi Thank you for your reply. Could you please help me confirm the following information? 1.The file that displays the ransom and payment information.......readme.txt 2.A file which has been encrypted, and cannot be opened......22480_41.doc.fbpxgklpx、107.docx.fbpxgklpx、pta_1464_5141132_03854.xlsx.fbpxgklpx readme.txt 107.docx.fbpxgklpx 22480_41.doc.fbpxgklpx pta_1464_5141132_03854.xlsx.fbpxgklpx
  4. My office PC is infected! Please help me! My computer had virus Ransomware, It had changed rename file .bpxgklpx extension Thanks!!
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