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  1. Yeah I saw it. By the way, those hackers have stone heart. Tried to negotiate a free decryptor, but nope nope won't happen they say.
  2. Let's hope few weeks! Couple of years is just too much
  3. You give me hope. I already saved my encrypted files, formated my system drive and waiting for decrypter. Thank you.
  4. Hey GT500. Is Sodinokibi under heavy research? I shouldn't ask this but do you know perhaps how long it would take to find a decrypter for Sodinokibi?
  5. Are you talking about that ransomware where they made 2 billions or something and that they had to close it cause they "earned" enough? Do you think there will be public decrypter for Sodinokibi?
  6. By the way, I went on their website and I could check if their online decryptor works. And yes it actually works, I could decrypt 3 of my files. Unfortunately I don't have 1500$ to buy their decryptor. Of course it is not advised to do so either.
  7. Ah I see. Let's hope the researchers craft a decryptor soon enough. I was thinking maybe the researchers would want the JS file, that's why I put it there. Thanks
  8. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Do you think it will take time to make a decryptor? And was the JavaScript file the ransomware? If yes, shouldn't be easier to craft an antitode from that is source?
  9. Hello, I'm not sure how I got infected it but I think when I executed a .js file. I thought it was the file I wanted to download. Is there a way to decrypt my files back? I attached the javascript file script in case it will help. Be careful, do not execute it like I did. Thank you 17i56-readme.txt stupid_ransomware!!.js 6ca2e8b7.lock 17i56-readme.txt bleach_ichigo_sword_hollow_wave_weapons_94546_1920x1080.jpg.17i56