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  1. I mean I am just trying to give you some advice on the guides and the emsi clean downloads. I means its just my opinion. So I mean you guys are free to do with it what you want.
  2. That's another thing though in support those should be available for people who do come across these issues
  3. Understood but that is the one that was run second and that is the one that picked up EPP.
  4. what I executed were the separate emsiclean packages you have zipped up out here in the form in .7zip container.
  5. I mean go ahead test it...should be simple enough to see
  6. Unless somehow its get flagged as 32. I mean go ahead and test it. 32bit clean will run on 64bit Win 10 all day. Unless somehow its leading you to believe its running and executing the 32bit actually kicks off the 64bit. Even then that would still mean you have to run the tool twice because the when I ran 64bit version of emsi clean again nothing came up for EPP
  7. There was an EEK folder installed on the root of C: that I am guess the program extracted out. Saw that when I was removing stuff. Your emsiclean tool picks it up as 32bit. In fact when I ran the 64bit clean tool nothing came up for EPP
  8. You may want to talk to the developers then and find out why that EPP driver was flagged as 32bit
  9. originally that was the version I thought I grabbed. I would have to look again? Does the EEK ask to install the full version when you run it. I'm not saying it was the EEK but when I ran the installer it prompted to download and run the full installer. That or I grabbed the wrong installer and I'm not sure if its a stub installer or if it just immediately goes out looking for an update.
  10. And actually emsclean was run after I resolved my issues at which point yes I needed to reboot twice but that would be expected with the removal of the 32bit and 64bit components. Your installer failed on its own.
  11. And unfortunately users jump on any product they can nowadays due to security concerns. I worked in cyber half the time these users have no idea what they are doing so its kinda huge to have a thorough support section. Not everyone is a senior engineer, site architect. To be honest I have my regular standby's I only tried this because I thought they missed something. It wound up being a bad patch MS put out.
  12. In my posts I stated I had went through all that. I mean the bottom line you guys really need to 1) Fix your installer and trust me I used to build application packages...msi's more than not 2) In my case I had to go through and for like 4 or 5 hours look to find what I needed to fix it. Now I was able to because I have been doing this for a long time. Going through the forums its obvious this has happened quite a bit. Really it would maybe take a day at most to put a guide together and post it under the support website. A step by step for dummies persay just like the books. The cleanup tools are a perfect example when I was done with my manual uninstall I ran both cleanup tools. If I went by the support info that had been given out in the forums I would have only run the 64bit even though your epp component is removed by the 32bit cleanup tool. I am assuming the EPP component is 32bit just like with MS Outlook which uses both 32 and 64bit components. Basically what I would up having to do was go into recovery as it was the only thing I was able to get into. Run regedit and then delete the EPP value from the UpperFilters key but there is everything else also that needs to be done after that. So much time, effort and frustration could have been saved. Like I said I was one of the lucky ones because I know what I'm doing. I saw plenty in the forums of people losing data and wiping drives.