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  1. Thanks! I decrypted most of the files using this 'training'. Nice example of AI's But the problem is, I only wanted to decrypt my .jpg files and most of them had no backup still managed to get some of them. Is it possible to recover all of them in a try?
  2. Sadly it's the same ID I had before. muslat.txt
  3. I get what you say but that's not what I meant. I mean will it be possible to get a online decrypter?
  4. So is there any chance I can get my files decrypted?
  5. You mean my files have been re-encrypted by STOPDecrypter?
  6. What happens if I run the ransomware this time on purpose, will it leave with an offline id?
  7. Oh thanks man. I'm looking forward to the future! 😊
  8. Should I have left the ransomware to encrypt my files properly?
  9. Okay, is it possible only to make a decryption key for .jpg files only? I don't want anything else. I am willing to pay for that.
  10. The decrypter is not working STOPDecrypter-log.txt
  11. Thank you. I'm looking forward to find a decrypter.
  12. Here is the fixlog Fixlog.txt
  13. Here is the STOPDecrypter log and the FRST scan log. STOPDecrypter-log.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
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