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  1. On 6/8/2019 at 12:30 AM, Amigo-A said:


    To identify this Ransomware you can use the service ID Ransomware.
    He will give you a link to the support topic on the BleepingComputer forum.

    This may be GlobeImposter-2 Ransomware, but it may be different. Now there are imitators for him. But, unfortunately, there are no free ways to decrypt files after GlobeImposter-2.

    I need to see the original ransom note html-file. Please archive it without a password and attach it to your message. Do not attach it to the message without the archive, otherwise the file will be changed.

    If the ransom note file is in the TXT-format, you can simply attach it to the message without archiving.

    Also place in another archive and attach several encrypted files to the message (jpg, png, doc, txt).

    If their size is larger than the allowed attachment, then upload this archive to and give us a link to download. DCOM ransomware attack on my pc today :(


    Restore-My-Files.txt 0a8f03d6-ee7d-467a-82c9-cf09a2ff140d.JPG.DOCM 92Y58PIC5NZ (1).jpg.DOCM 92Y58PIC5NZ.jpg.DOCM 44161760_732319223773497_4271328861154705408_n.jpg.DOCM 44389101_10156935510951694_4108470259705446400_n.jpg.DOCM 49596106_743108476074464_8214559458261467136_n.jpg.DOCM download (1).jpg.DOCM download.jpg.DOCM

  2. On 6/8/2019 at 12:24 AM, MitarX said:

    Two days ago, same things happened to me. I folow their instructions and end up negotiating about amount of money for decrypting. 400$ is huge amount in Bosnia and bigest trouble is locked pictures of my daughter 😞. What do you suggest to do? Thankful in advance.

    can you share that software with me i need it tooo i have same problem