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  1. Sir how can I recover my encrypted files? There is any way?
  2. Here are the FRST result Sir. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Ok Sir. I am doing the scanning. Within some moment i will give the feedback. Please stay with me.
  4. Hello Sir, My pc is also infected by this dotmap ransomware. Now I am free from the ransomware but my files are infected by dotmap format.There is any way to decrypt this? Everytime I try with stopderypter it says no files found. I think those are encrypted by online keys, i am not sure yet. When i launched stop decrypter it said it has founded offline keys. Thats all I know about this. Please help me to recover my files ..Please Sir.
  5. Sir, I have infected by dotmap ransomware.All of my files are encrypted by dotmap format.I removed the ransomware but my files are still encrypted.How can i decrypt my files ? Please show me a way.I need Your favor highly. Please .If there is any software or tools for this please recommend me.
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