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  1. Here is the note: YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED !!! TO DECRYPT, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS: To recover data you need decrypt tool. To get the decrypt tool you should: 1.In the letter include your personal ID! Send me this ID in your first email to me! 2.We can give you free test for decrypt few files (NOT VALUE) and assign the price for decryption all files! 3.After we send you instruction how to pay for decrypt tool and after payment you will receive a decryption tool! 4.We can decrypt few files in quality the evidence that we have the decoder.
  2. Thank you very much for kindly support. After I uploaded to https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com I got the result, Any solution for me to decrypt ?
  3. Hello, my files were encrypted to .Dragon4444 Please show me any solution to decrypt my files? Thank you.
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