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  1. I can't tell precisely, I've just bought this model: SAMSUNG 43" Class 4K (2160P) Ultra HD Smart LED HDR TV UN43NU6900. I've just read a very usevul article how to use VPNs with SmartTVs - https://www.wizcase.com/blog/how-to-use-a-vpn-on-smart-tv/ but I can't find anything determining are they safe for a device. Maybe I misread something, so I decided to ask for advice.
  2. I'm a real fan of Hulu shows but living in Ukraine I doesn't see much of them because of georestrictions. But there's a will - there is a way, I've found how to install VPN on my Samsung SmartTV, it's not very difficult procedure. But I always think about safety and security - and I would like to install your anti-malware software altogether with VPN service. Can this become reality? And what VPN works better with Emsisoft products?
  3. I use Android 6.0, tried to install from the Playstore, correctly. There's no other security programs I've installed. I just click on an icon - and nothing happens! Other programs work all right.
  4. Hi? I've tried to install EMS on my smartphone Meizu M5 but it doesn't work. My memory card is half-empty, I've reloaded my phone a couple of times - and ther's nothing! What can I do now?
  5. My PC worked as usual and suddenly I found I couldn't open any program - so I can't start with Emsisoft! The reboot didn't help. Maybe it's a virus but I'm not a programmer, just a user of Windows and I don't know how to get access to my files...
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