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  1. Hi

    My folders got encrypted by .gerosan

    The log of Stopencryptor as follows

    [+] Loaded 44 offline keys
    Please archive the following info in case of future decryption:
    [*] MACs: 2C:41:38:B7:DC:9D
    This info has also been logged to STOPDecrypter-log.txt
    Selected directory: C:\Users\Parvathy\Downloads
    Starting decryption...

    [+] File: C:\Users\Parvathy\Downloads\1921-19-RV1_Revised.doc.gerosan
    [-] No key for ID: ehq5Lt7hTny3rHq6jqiAnNIcwbiBzwZ6a6JmwjrM (.gerosan )

    Pls help