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  1. Actually I found why my PCs got this ransomeware, so shame this was from a keygen for a software I wanted to patch illegally, once I ran it (it required to turnoff Windows defender), globelimposter infected my PC right then.
  2. I juz cleaned up my PC by formatting and reinstalled windows. Luckily this ramsomeware does not spread out to local network automatically like Wannacry., or it is juz hiding inside.. hmm I dunno.
  3. Oh god, 55k USD Y_Y''. I am juzt waiting for a cure of this ransomeware. yesterday I made a full scan for every PC in my company, luckily only 2 PCs infected (they had a shared folder between each other, so globelimposter could spread out). I isolated them and make a formatting-reinstall Windows juz for sure. I know it was a bad move, but most safety.. So scared.
  4. My Designer PC juz infected this Globelmposter 2.0 today. Damnnn this ransomeware encoded all the files to .docm and no way to decode it. But luckily, Globelmposter does not have ability to spread throughout LAN network automatically. BUT it can infect to another PC via shared folder. I mean if user from infected PC accesses a shared folder - all of file in this folder will be encoded. If the destination hard drive or partition has permission for everyone to access with full control, you will be cursed :D. I juz cancel all everyone full access control of other Shared folder, and format all the HDD and SDD of infected PC and reinstall OS. Hmmm now our designer is moaning and working overtime Y_Y.