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  1. Not all the files has been encrypted twice. Below text received after the attack: "!!! All of your files are encrypted !!! To decrypt them send e-mail to this address: [email protected] If we don't answer in 48h., send e-mail to this address: [email protected] If there is no response from our mail, you can install the Jabber client and write to us in support of [email protected]" Example of a picture name: TP GAF GAM[9EF7A78C-1023].[[email protected]].actin Please tell me that I can recover the encrypted files somehow...
  2. More files attached, one encrypted e one with type of ransomware
  3. Also have this info below from spyhunter software
  4. I made a test and the I had a response indicating .merry files. Is this info usefull?
  5. My files are encrypted and i can't use may Exchange Server 2016. What can I do to revert this situation? Thks Antonio Felix