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  1. Hello. –†rovide us with an output of dir C:\ /a/s command taken from affected system. for example : cmd /c dir C:\ /a/s > "%userprofile%\dirc.log" dir output will be saved in "%userprofile%\dirc.log" file Best regards, Marina Larionova, technical support department, Doctor Web, Ltd. this is the last reply from Dr.Web anyone still not format his PC do it and send to me the log file so i can attach it for them to try to decrypt this ransomware
  2. i know it that's why i deleted all my encrypted files
  3. i already deleted all files with name of : HOW TO DECRYPT FILES so all notes and .hta files deleted successfully
  4. thank you a lot for your reply's and ofcaurse i will not pay until i am sure they can decrypt it first.
  5. i tried and i got this : http://prntscr.com/o3erae but after i already deleted all my encrypted files because i thought it's all infected with the ransomware is it real that this program may be work and decrypt the encrypted files ?
  6. so you face the same ransomware ? is the email he used is : [email protected] thank you.
  7. yes ofcurse here is one of them and it's original file before it's encrypted too. it's a small video before and after encrypted. thank you. vipfree key.wmv vipfree key.wmv.COPAN
  8. hello there , as the title my files are encrypted with the extinction of .COPAN and i search and tried a lot of tools still nothing but the bright thing here is that somehow i got the file that hacker downloaded to my PC in this link : https://transfiles.ru/vqi08 note : it's expires soon please try to download it and check if you can at least give me some information about him. this is his Msg in attached files. thank you EMSI Team , HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt
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