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  1. Just sent them file list log files to DrWeb. I'll report here when they respond.
  2. Bad news, DrWeb says: Hello! A case of Trojan.Encoder.26657 Decryption is not feasible.
  3. @Amigo - Thank you! Finally some progress, at least we know what type it is. Just sent a few samples to DrWeb. Will come back with info if they can help
  4. Yes . Following is exact .txt version of ransom note: Hello, dear friend. All your files are encrypted with a unique key. Are you sure you want to recover all your files ? Write us an email: [email protected] Enter your unique ID in the message: xxxxxxxxxxx
  5. One more case here. Files encrypted over last weekend - .COPAN extension added and as far as I can see no single trace of ransomware software left except ransom notes. Attached ransom notes and two encrypted files. Best regards and thank you. TEHNIČKA PODRŠKA.xlsx.COPAN Tehnički zadatak.docx.COPAN HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.hta HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt