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  1. I meant, where I can be in touch about the general updates of software?
  2. Hi, If there is any progress in fighting with this ransom, will be some reporte here? Maybe I could help somehow? I have a few files of infected and clean recovered from the mail. Unfortunately not simply txt, in format pdf, xlsx and docx, aslo several in jpg
  3. Strange ... I do not deny the fact that any work should be paid and would be willing to pay reasonable money, not such as blackmailer extort , especially since there are no guarantees, so I would ready pay money for the working method of decrypting files back. I initially did not say that I am looking for freebies
  4. OK, thanks. What is not a free way? Except contact with ransom
  5. Hi I have the same problem and didn't a get understanding of what is the way to solve this issue? Thanks
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