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  1. You won't accidentally guess someone else encryption key, that is next to impossible if you actually look at the key and see the encryption. (1 in over 286 trillion I think are the exact odds) Also, since every file I retrieve is first checked and opened on a virtual drive on another throw away laptop there is zero chance of re-infection. They do not have access in any way to my laptop since I did a complete rebuild and personally don't open suspect files. I got the infection from an idiot who disabled my security while I let him use my laptop. He disabled it to try and install a program onto a thumb drive and the keygen was infected. He disabled it to get around the fact that it kept getting quarantined. I caught it once I restarted and once I saw the first few files popping up I shut off my internet access immediately and began killing processes. Lastly, I have been able to dupe them into decrypting 26 files which happens to be the exact number of files that caught the encryption before I caught them. I win! I'm not saying anyone else should attempt this as I happened to find a small loophole in their defenses and exploit may not be so lucky. (But also, in lieu of any real help or support from ANYWHERE people may want to make up their own minds whether this is an acceptable risk...I will help if anyone needs.)
  2. No, as I am sure we all have up and this question should be clear to you...
  3. Yes can you please share...I know someone who can make use of it and possibly back-engineer Thanks [email protected]
  4. Thanks, but since no one has any better ideas and EVERYONE on this thread needs their files, I have a small fix... Using a vpn and changing the route I have bee able to get several of my files decrypted by changing the Key on the "Restore my files" text and submitting it to them as a DIFFERENT victim. I realize they are smart enough to create the ransomewear, however, they are naive enough to be fooled and hopefully this will help someone. Yes, yes, "Don't contact, etc, etc."...But in lieu of any REAL help other than generic warnings this is a VIABLE work around if you need specific files urgently! Sorry if this is not popular with Emsisoft Support, but we ALL need to do what we can to defeat this and not just sit back and wait!!
  5. I was also hit however I DO have a few files that I have an encrypted copy and a safe copy if this helps anyone. ALSO, I wanted to see if they would actually do what they say and decrypt a file. They did, but will ot negotiate their $800 to $1600 price in any way. We need to stay on this and pool resources. We cant let these feckless pricks win! Contact ANYONE you know that is in a Hacking/Cracking group and ask for help, or contact anyone who has a handle on encryption/decryption. I will gladly donate files and time/money to beat these turds!!! Feel free to contact me at '''email address removed to avoid spamming''' if yo have ideas.