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  1. My computer was hacked with ransomware this year 2019. I had the same thing. Docm. My files look like a white paper. My story is long but I'll keep it short. I had people saying don't pay and people saying pay. I took my chance and paid I was not sure what would happen but they sent me the decryptor. I got my files back but some programs aren't running correctly. So I'll have to reinstall Windows. Don't know if the decryptor will work Universally on the Docm ransomware. The good thing is that I have my files. The bad part is that I'm out of $$$$$$. Also I had to pay them in bitcoin. That was crazy because I never had a bitcoin account before. I'm just glad the hacker was honorable and it turned out ok for me. And I was able to talk them down on the price a little. Any questions just post. On my way to work have a great day.