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  1. To be fair, even if paying the ransom was an option, we won't do that because we assume they will just encrypt our stuff again, or try to trick us in some form. Thanks for the clarity. I did already post on the forum topic with stopdecrypter so I will wait as you suggested. I can at least relay most of what every one is saying. My only question is if you are familiar with the time frame for Stopdecrypter. I imagine they receive many many requests so my request ( I imagine ) can take some months? Or is it on the scale of days? This is my information below. No key for ID: AA1yhLWVkYziTvILkY0F8fkO2jfw544OnU31Xm7T (.nusar ) No key for ID: AA1yhLWVkYziTvILkY0F8fkO2jfw544OnU31Xm7T (.xlsx ) Unidentified ID: AA1yhLWVkYziTvILkY0F8fkO2jfw544OnU31Xm7T (.nusar ) Unidentified ID: AA1yhLWVkYziTvILkY0F8fkO2jfw544OnU31Xm7T (.xlsx ) MACs: 70:85:C2:8D:A2:74 Decrypted 123 files, skipped 5871
  2. Wow, I'm totally surprised this free solution is really the only solution. Completely blown away by this because after some searching there is really no viable paid solution. Thanks for your response!
  3. Yes that is correct. Overall I am looking around for any alternate options including paid.
  4. Thank you very much for following up. I have looked at Stop Decrypter and I did try it. It did recover 100 out of 1000 files so that was a good start, at least there is some hope. I posted my information to the forum post. While I don't know how long an answer will take it doesn't seem like there are any other viable solution, including paid ones. I did try one excel file recovery solution and it said "file is severely corrupted" and we wouldn't have even mind paying for it, if it would have worked.
  5. Hi All, Currently my friend has a severe virus or so on his pc and almost all of this workfiles are encrypted when he tried to make backup. From what I can tell it is nusar extension on his files. The "StopDecyrpter" tool we found does not resolve this. Let me know if I should attach one of the files to this post.