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  1. I was able to save some of the executable files that they were using to encrypt the files with. If I were to provide those along with the text file AND a copy of both an encrypted and decrypted identical file: would that help you all to work out some kind of possible solution to their ransomware? I apologize if I am getting on your nerves or coming off as annoying. I really just want to help, especially after finding out a Church, a Food Bank, and now a Ministry team have been hit with this. It is bad enough to force this crazy stuff onto any person, but hitting nonprofits, charities, and ministries is absolutely crazy. So I wanted to try and offer up any kind of help that I could be.
  2. Hey, So I have a quick question: If I were able to provide 2 identical files (1 that has been infected... and the exact same file, but decrypted), would it be possible to maybe come up with a program that can decrypt all files (maybe have a space on the program to input the "header variable" into it since it is likely different for everyone?) Please let me know if this would be possible. If so, I will provide to reference files from my E-Sword program (the encrypted one and the decrypted one). I would love to get this finally fixable for everyone including myself (our ministry laptop is locked down which includes music and other media we were planning to release towards the end of Summer). Hope to hear back from someone that can possibly use these files to figure it out (not sure if a "hex editor" would give a look into the differences as well in order to figure out decryption?) Let me know and I will provide the files.