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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18D75htQ6f0IofjR_XYcOe7lvK-PGi07N/view?usp=sharing Here it is. Ruin my day. @Demonslay335
  2. Thank you. I hope this was something truly important.
  3. He is almost correct. The only type of file that GetCrypt managed to decrypt (kind of) for me are mp3s. They work but there are skips within them every second. I can hear what they were but they're not the same as before. Please tell me this can help things along somehow?
  4. This dude might be onto something. Is this something that could help?
  5. Also, if a video file was to be decrypted, would there be a quality loss?
  6. But there is a way, right?
  7. How is GlobeImposter 1.0 different from GlobeImposter 2.0? And how is a decrypter available for the first one and not the second one? I got hit a day ago and it encrypted everything. Before I realized it was too late. Is there any chance for a decrypter? Thanks.