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  1. I will be sending files over to them to check and scan this afternoon when home from work. What I feel could be useful is a concise guide of settings and tips that people can apply to their machines to try and ensure they are as safe as can be. This is the 1st time in over a decade I have had anything happen to the many pc's I have had, never a virus or anything so it is quite shocking for me. Especially being a sysadmin so I felt my machine was pretty well protected, how wrong I was. 😩
  2. Yes that was my request... I was unaware the two forums were linked in any way. Is there any chance of these files being decrypted? I have also made a post in the ESET forum as that is my current antivirus provider.
  3. Hello, I was the victim of an RDP Scarab trojan early this morning that has encrypted all the files on my hard drives and NAS with the ".sfs" file suffix. I have ran malwarebytes and that has cleared up a few files and a few registry changes also a complete scan of NOD32 has also cleaned a few things up. I 1st noticed the issue when my computer was logged out this morning as it's never logged out, I had to use a usb boot tool to change my password as it had been changed and when doing this I noticed a new user account called "localadmin" I changed the pass
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