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  1. Hi there, I see, really thanks for the information, I really appreciate your help.
  2. Hey there, I can now see the cause. Thank you very much for informing and really sorry for the late reply [I didn't checked the notify button on the other case too, so, really sorry for that]. On the other hand, the owner of the PC re-installed the Windows and shifted to Win 10 now as this PC isn't mine and the other case is that, it was running Win 7 that officially stopped receiving any further loop hole fixes and security patch updates. The PC didn't had any Anti-Virus to begin with [except of Windows Defender that was also not updated] and I installed the Anti-viruses on this PC after checking up that there was a Ransom Virus. After my further research, I was also able to find out that the problematic Ransom-ware virus was known as (Jamper) that hadn't gain any official free Decryption yet. [It was about 1 hour after I posted my query here and found about this virus on a site called "https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com"]. (Note: The owner of the PC test things up using Pirate Software's and also, you can find many other pirated softwares on the logs too, if my hunch is correct and mostly would be based on games). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Though, I made this query because of this virus, my data also got locked up and I was in the middle of Game Developing and animation process that made a problem hence he re-installed the windows and I simply use this PC for Animation and Game Development purpose and also, he doesn't install any anti-virus because it lags up his games sometimes [i.e not much of a problem tbh]. Yet, is there still a chance of removing the error because I'm also planning to make decrypters too and also wanted to collect some information that if this virus can still be removed even after a new OS is installed because other drives aren't affected by the installation process except of the OS drive and most likely if I'm correct then the keys/certificates are also made on the OS drive. Thank you so much for answering my query and I'm really grateful to both of you . Patiently waiting for your reply and really thank you so much for answering my query once again.
  3. These are the reports in addition that were listed out in the Guidelines. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_190716-063524.txt
  4. Hi there, I am still suffering from a data loss and yet, I'm unable to recover the files that are encrypted by someone and the decryption is not available for it too, on the website. Though, I have request that can you please help me out to sought out this problem. If yes then, really, thank you very much. This is the extension of the file, ".-7CE0F832-A90E-C81C-6AB3-1FDFBCB25171" And the .txt log is ""!!! YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED !!!.txt" Patiently waiting for your kind response. Warm Regards.
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