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  1. Hi there, I see, really thanks for the information, I really appreciate your help.
  2. Hey there, I can now see the cause. Thank you very much for informing and really sorry for the late reply [I didn't checked the notify button on the other case too, so, really sorry for that]. On the other hand, the owner of the PC re-installed the Windows and shifted to Win 10 now as this PC isn't mine and the other case is that, it was running Win 7 that officially stopped receiving any further loop hole fixes and security patch updates. The PC didn't had any Anti-Virus to begin with [except of Windows Defender that was also not updated] and I installed the Anti-viruses on this PC after
  3. These are the reports in addition that were listed out in the Guidelines. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_190716-063524.txt
  4. Hi there, I am still suffering from a data loss and yet, I'm unable to recover the files that are encrypted by someone and the decryption is not available for it too, on the website. Though, I have request that can you please help me out to sought out this problem. If yes then, really, thank you very much. This is the extension of the file, ".-7CE0F832-A90E-C81C-6AB3-1FDFBCB25171" And the .txt log is ""!!! YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED !!!.txt" Patiently waiting for your kind response. Warm Regards.
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