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  1. Most Ransomware duplicate file and encrypted the duplicate file. After virus delete the original files. Does that mean we can recover it back from HDD?
  2. @Amigo-A That's unfortunate, thanks anyway!!
  3. @Amigo-A They locked some really Important files of mine, Is there a service I can hire somewhere to code an decrypter? Else, sadly there wont be an option but paying these criminals
  4. @Amigo-A Thanks for the quick respond. Is there an solution for this Maoloa ransomware?
  5. @Amigo-A All your data has been ciphered! The only way of recovering your files is to buy a unique decryptor. A decryptor is fully automatical, all your data will be recovered within a few hours after it’s installation. For purchasing a decryptor contact us by email:[email protected] If you will get no answer within 24 hours contact us by our alternate emails:[email protected] We assure full recovery after the payment. To verify the possibility of the recovery of your files we can decipher 1 file for free. Attach 1 file to t
  6. Thanks! Addition.txt FRST.txt log.txt how_to_back_files(1).html
  7. Hi, My PC got inefected by ransomware, I had follow the instruction and all file are prepared. However, I dont know how to upload it.
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