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  1. Thanks Amigo for the insight. I have searched for the [email protected] on the net but does not help much. Though the following provide a bit of overview of the Kolet Ransomware, looks like there is isn’t any solution in recovering my encrypted files. There is only one way suggested by many is to restore to an earlier stage but my server’s backups are also infected so that advise is not an option as restore points only works in workstations/PCs and not on servers. I think I will have to wait for a decryptor to be released. If anyone has, any idea has to how I can recover my files and or decrypt the files, do let me know. Thank you! Nazero
  2. My server has been attacked by a new Ransomware last month June 2019. All files have been decrypted with the file extensions,. Io. (. io) I have tried decrypting using all decryption anti Ransomware but unable to. I am uploading the Readme txt file and 3 files inflected/encrypted Kolet Ransomware. The two emails included in the Readme file for ransom are: 1. [email protected] 2. [email protected] Please help me with a encryption tool available that I may not be aware of to decrypt this files. Thank you!! READ ME PLEASE!.TXT Public Folder Database[[email protected]] Mailbox Database.cmp.[[email protected]] pdi.txt.[[email protected]]